The Mission of the Conference

Hungary has no deep-rooted traditions in social responsibility and community work, therefore it is paramount to provide an international outlook that, beyond ensuring help in the field of cross-border crime prevention, also accommodates a regular maintenance of international relations and continuous information exchange.

Crime prevention is one of the most efficient tools of public safety. Based upon our quarter-century experience gained in the field, we are convinced that community policing is a task that concerns the entire society where every actor has a role and a responsibility including not only state bodies, but also non-governmental organisations, enterprises, and all participants of the economic field and the entire population.

The Auxiliary Police Federation of Budapest shall host an international conference on 28-29 April 2017 titled “Conference on auxiliary police movements worldwide”.

The main patron of the conference is Máté Kocsis, Municipality and Law Enforcement Councillor of Budapest. Its patrons include police major general Gábor Bucsek police chief counsellor, Chief Commissioner of the Budapest Metropolitan Police and fire department brigadier general Ferenc Varga Director of the Budapest Directorate for Disaster Management.

The conference will focus on law enforcement, criminology, sociology, economy and financial development.

The conference shall provide an opportunity to get to know, and if applicable, to adopt best practices and experiences, therefore increasing efficiency and activating all stakeholders of public safety and crime prevention.