Auxiliary Police Federation of Budapest

The Auxiliary Police Federation of Budapest, as a member of the largest federation of non-governmental organisations dealing with crime prevention, undertakes a role in crime prevention and improving public safety as part of its civilian responsibility in the capital of Hungary. The federation aids the activities of official law enforcement agencies, municipalities and institutions performed in order to enhance a liveable and safe environment coordinating the work of 1,700 civil guards with the technical assets and local and personal familiarity of 46 associations.

Our civil guards, as members of the largest non-governmental organisation in Hungary, undertake some 20 types of service in over 20,000 occasions annually voluntarily in their spare time.

Our strategic partners include the Budapest Metropolitan Police, the Budapest Directorate for Disaster Management, the Budapest Inspectorate of Roads and Sanitation, the National Crime Prevention Council of the Ministry of Interior, the Municipality of Budapest, and the Central Hungarian Regional Customs and Excise Directorate General of the National Tax and Customs Administration.

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