Charles Huber

The President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Modern Youth & Civic Participation, The Program Director for the European Prevention Institute and the President of the Board of Trustees of the Public Foundation for Responsible Society.

Charles Huber is a Hungarian – American political scientist.  At age 14, he moved to Austria with his family and later relocated to the United States.

After finishing Glenbard North High School, Charles Huber received his higher education diplomas in International Relations and Economics from College of DuPage and Northern Illinois University in Political Science. As a hobby, Charles Huber was active as the International Relations Committee Chairperson in Phi Sigma Zeta, a professional political science fraternity. He also represented Austria and Malaysia at the Model United Nations Conference in St. Louis and Chicago.

Charles Huber expanded his studies by receiving extensive training on operations management, lease and credit evaluation and management by Fair Isaac.  He joined the private sector where he started his career in operations, lease and credit management and rose through the ranks of operations management. While working as an expat between 2003 – 2009 in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and other Western European countries, he obtained diverse international perspective on business, cultural and socio-political norms which enabled him to discover and identify local issues as well as pioneer unique solutions. In 2008, based on the US-FICO model, Charles Huber developed a pan-European restructuring of credit evaluation and scoring methods, procedures and policies, and proposed the implementation of a credit scoring process in Hungary.

In 2009 Charles Huber decided to return to his academic field of interest and use the experience and knowledge he gained during his years in the private sector as an international project, change management, process and policy executive, for the betterment of society.

In 2010, Mr. Huber joined the Board of the Public Foundation for Responsible Society (Felelõs Társadalomért Közhasznú Alapítvány) and in 2014 became the President of its Board of Trustees. At the same time, he accepted a position as the Program Director at the European Prevention Institute. In 2011 Mr. Huber was also elected to the Board of the Hungarian Organology Research Institute (Magyar Organológiai Kutatóintézet) and served as its president until 2015.

Charles Huber pioneered civic projects and programs such as:

  • Hungary’s first and only comprehensive anti-bullying program (MEP) to prevent and stop bullying and cyberbullying in schools, at work, at home and in relationships.

  • The responsible digital citizenship program which aids in the prevention of cybercrime, advocates critical thinking and digital intelligence.

  • Hungary’s first comprehensive active and informed citizenship program (window politics) to promote community development and organization, active and informed citizenship.

  • The English for Success program bringing practical skills such as English, typing and critical thinking and concepts of responsibility to the children housed in city and government children’s homes in Hungary.

  • The Charity Pipe Organ Concert Series (Jótékonysági Koncertsorozat) held in the major basilicas of Hungary.

  • Safety in Europe, Safety in Hungary crime prevention program, which prevents the victimization of visitors to Europe and to Hungary.

  • The European Conference on Safety & Prevention, held for 5 consecutive years, bringing together industry leaders and consular diplomats to offer pragmatic up-to-date solutions and information to protect visitors to Hungary.

  • The European Safety & Prevention Award (ESPRA), recognizing those individuals who have demonstrated an exemplary resolve towards the betterment of society.

Charles Huber advocates the practical application of fair and equal human rights, leveraging the American legal model based on the US constitution, the Bill of Rights and its respective amendments. Under this premise, he founded and lead the Europe in Action cause in response to the refugee crisis in Europe. Charles Huber represented his organization in the Hungarian Government’s Ministry of Justice Task Team for Human Rights in 2015 – 2017.

In 2016 Charles Huber became the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Modern Youth & Civic Participation (FMYCP), an Illinois Not for Profit Corporation. He believes that responsible digital citizenship, critical thinking, intelligent and aggression-free communication are among the skill sets necessary to become constructive and responsible members of the digital, professional and neighborhood communities. He considers the effective use of these skill sets paired with digital intelligence and responsible behavior, fundamental building blocks of a modern society.

At FMYCP, Charles Huber founded several community organizing and building programs such as the Faces of Your Police Department (FYPD) a civic engagement program with local police, and the US ESPRA partner, the National Safety & Prevention Award (NSPA). He serves on the Council on Responsible Digital Citizenship (CRDC).

Charles Huber’s values are based on his motto: “Personal decision, collective consequence, personal responsibility.”  He is against discrimination. He stands for the rights of the individuals exercised while respecting the rights of others.  He strongly advocates individual responsibility and accountability.  He encourages term limits in legislative committees, and supports campaign-finance reform.  He stands for the separation of church and state.  He supports the women’s right to chose until the child is considered a living being, and supports the elimination of the death penalty. He supports complete disclosure and transparency of all information related to public funds (with exception of information which is classified by those agencies designed with the main purpose to deal with national security issues) which is readily available online and is easy to understand.

While Charles Huber is an activist for clear and decisive immigration and refugee policies, he believes that a stable level of patriotism enriched with European pride can build a strong and united Europe, which is diverse and honors its colorful heritage  He believes that in today’s changing global environment strong international partnerships amongst those allies who share basic values and interests are necessary to stay safe and remain competitive. He encourages and works towards building solid and mutually-beneficial transatlantic (US – EU) relations.